6 Useful considerations in picking your dog and getting all the best pet care

6 Useful considerations in picking your dog and getting all the best pet care

Hello, Guardians

I want you to know that on my site you will find all the best pet care tips and best pet care information you can find because it comes right from the horse’s mouth.

That horse is me, your host, Puccini.

But I think first things first, I want to explain why I call Tania and Gianni my and why I will be calling you all guardians too. The reason is easy, a person who cares and loves a dog unconditionally is a superhero’s, a type of guardian if you will, guardians of man’s best friend.


Story: How I came to be

I want to tell you a story.

The story of my birth and how I became part of the Quaranta family. It happened on 16 April 2011. My mother was heavily pregnant with 5 puppies, 3 males (I was one of them) and 2 female. Mom’s guardian is Tania’s son, was working during the day, so he had to leave her at Tania’s house as there was always somebody there to make sure that she was okay.

Mom was lying comfortably in her bed waiting for our arrival when it happened. Fortunately, Tania was there, I was the first one to arrive, the little mixed breed but also the cutest.

I must say when I felt Tania’s hand on my little body, it was love at first sight. I still love her hands caressing my back and my ears.

From the first day I only had eyes for Tania and although I love Gianni dearly, Tania is my beginning and my end.

Needless to say, I was a new pet like so many of my brothers and sisters.

What to expect on this site

Okay, so now that you have decided to have a dog, here is where you start. We answer all the questions you have and provide you with all the best information you need. Here are some questions that we will answer:

Oh, and the list goes on and on but don’t worry I will deal with all those topics above and more.

The idea is that you will find,  all the best pet care here, the tips, the information, and suggestions of all the best things that you will need to buy and if you don’t find it you can ask me. There is a page where you can ask me a question and I will attempt to answer the question or refer to somebody that would know.

Picking your dog

Not all my brothers and sisters are as fortunate as me to be born and be held by my guardian on my first day. Some of them lived very different lives before they were adopted into a family.

The first encounter could be in a shelter, or by dog dealers or breeders selling them for the highest price.

The top 6 most important things to know when picking your dog are:

Needless to say, do your homework well before you decide! If you are having difficulty in deciding on a dog here is also an e-book that could help with your adoption.

Your New dog Essential Toolkit

When getting a new dog there are a few things you would need so your dog gets all the best pet care. Besides his food there are other things that he will need when he arrives home.  I have compiled an essential  toolkit of the top 10 products that would help you get your dog settled in. 

Be sure to check out the product reviews below and comparisons with other products when click on the Product Review button.

Choosing a name for your dog

You may be wondering why Puccini?

I have asked myself that many times, It’s a famous Italian composer. Yes, my guardian, Tania was the one who named me. What can I say, she is obsessed with anything Italian, loves the country, its people and let’s not talk about the food and the culture, oh and Gianni for whom she a very special passion. I’m really proud of my name because it’s unique and it only has two syllables and easy to remember.

Let’s get back to the naming of your dog. It’s the only thing that we don’t have anything to do with. The Guardians can choose any name they deem fit, maybe it suits our breed, personally, its funny or even in memory of someone.

There are many names to choose from but one thing is certain when you choose a name, stick to that name.

Next up

The Dog Solution

In the next post I will continue with “all your best pet care tips and information, but in the meantime, post your pics of your new pet and tell me about your first encounter and how you chose the name of your dog

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  1. Nick

    Hi Puccini, this is a great post and a great angle from a dog’s perspective. What you like, what you don’t like, and how you want us humans to look after you. 
    I especially liked the sections of picking your dog and naming your dog. Two areas I find really hard to pick when I’m looking to add another family member 🙂 

    It was a great intro and I look forward to reading more about the adventures of Puccini. A question I have though is how do kids interact with dogs for the first time? Is there anything we should do or not do? 

    1. Puccini Quaranta

      Hello Nick

      Thank you for the feedback, that is a great question. Watch the website for a full article on how kids should interact with dogs when they first meet. Let me tell you my little secret, I love kids and there is nothing better than a cuddle and a caress but I don’t like being picked up, and little kids like to pick up dogs. The only one that I allow to pick me up is Tania. 

      My best way of dealing with kids that bother me is to run away from them. If Tania is near I know I will be safe and she will educate the kids on how to play with me.



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