11 Guidelines to train your kids around the Best Dogs for Families ? It?s about education

11 Guidelines to train your kids around the Best Dogs for Families ? It?s about education

Hello, Guardians

I was asked about how kids should interact with dogs when you have a new dog.

Some people ask what are the best dogs for families and I can say from experience that it is not about the breed, it’s about the education of your precious ones your child and your dog.

A story: How I am around kids

In the apartment block where I live, in Italy, there are many dogs around, and I am the smallest one there.

There are also may kids there and the smallest little boy is called Mattia. Now, Mattia likes to pick me up and I don’t like that at all it hurts me when people pick me up. When he runs towards me, I run away and hide behind Tania or Gianni. I do that not because I am scared, common I am from Africa where there are Lions and all kinds of wild animals. I run away because I trust that they will protect me from Mattia.


I have never growled at anybody nor bitten any anybody, but it is better safe than sorry.

Tania or Gianni would see that I am irritated, and they would warn Mattia’s parents that he should stop pestering me. I am just a small dog, unfortunately, bigger dogs might not have the training that I have had and if the early signs are ignored an escalation to a bite could be a possibility.

Why should there be safety rules for kids and dogs

Children are often bitten by the family dog and sometimes the guardians are surprised by that.

Why did the dog bite my child?

It’s not about the dog it’s about the child and the way they act around dogs. When a child is bitten by a dog, they have a fear for the rest of their lives but when they are educated they will become dog lovers like you.

This will prevent my brothers and sisters from being rejected as pets or worst, being put down for something that could have been prevented by understanding what drives a dog to bite.

Dogs never bite without giving a warning, but while some dogs might growl, tense up, or bark aggressively at you, others will give subtle or quick warnings, they might be easy to miss.

Here are 11 guidelines to train your kids how to behave around dogs

Understanding why dogs bite is easy, you have to understand why humans get irritated

1) Food

Nobody likes it when somebody bothers them whilst eating a meal, you get angry when your brother steals your potato out of your plate. We don't like to be bothered either.


Don’t go near the dog when he is eating.

2) Distance

Understanding why dogs bite is easy, you have to understand why humans get irritated

Distance Action

Even when you have permission, do not invade the dog’s body space. Remember to look at the dog briefly and then look away.
These are calming signals which tell the dog that you are no threat

3) Toys

Your child cries when you take its toys away, so taking a toy from a dog has the same effect. But we could be trained enough to give up our toys for a treat and not feel possessive of our toys. Here is a starter kit that both the new puppy and the kids would enjoy

4) Friendly gestures:

When grandma pinches the kids' cheeks they find it irritating, grandma is showing her affection, but for the kids, it is irritating and sometimes sore.
I personally love hugs and kisses, and most of all having my ears rubbed but as a rule, my brothers and sisters would like it. You can see it on our faces if we like it, and we can also be trained to enjoy a good cuddle.

5) Touching:

Never touch a dog that is unknown to you

Touching- Action

Even if you know the dog, always ask permission from an adult you know to see if it is ok to ask the handler if you can pet their dog.

6) Loud screaming

Some of us are sound-sensitive and our ears hurt when there is loud screaming around us.

Loud Screams- Action

7) Stepping of Climbing

Parents tolerate kids stepping, climbing and invading their space to an extent and dogs tolerate it to an extent as well.

8) Rough Play

Kids cry when play is a little too rough. We tolerate rough play to a point and after that the chance of an incident happening is possible. We can be trained to tolerate and enjoy a little rough play but there is a point where we don’t like it any more.

9) Sleep

Nobody likes to be disturbed when sleeping and neither do dogs. Humans want to feel safe when they are sleeping and so do we.

Sleep- Action

10) Teasing a dog

Nobody likes to be disturbed when sleeping and neither do dogs. Humans want to feel safe when they are sleeping and so do we.

Tease - Action

Do not touch a dog that has been tied up or left at the end of a chain in a yard, outside a store or behind a fence

11) Encourage Your Child To Interact With The Dog’s Owner

A good lesson to teach your kids is to always ask a dog’s owner whether it’s okay to say hello, and ask permission before you touch them.

In Summary

This is what you should teach your child:

Which Dogs are good for Children

As I said it is all about education when it comes to dogs and kids. However, you need to bear in mind the age of your child, your home environment and your lifestyle and get to learn about the temperament and general nature of the dog prior purchasing it.

Remember, dogs can unintentionally harm children and likewise children can also confuse poodles with soft toys thus injuring them- often fatally. So, choosing of a suitable dog for homes with children is of crucial importance.

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Dogs Good for Kids Under 12 Years

In case of families having young children i.e. children below 12 years of age the herding dogs can act as good pets. However, the dogs chosen must not be from amongst those that herd by nipping. Australian Terrier, Welsh Terrier, Irish Terrier, Kerry Blue Terrier, Brittany Dog, West Highland White Terrier, Collie and Golden Retriever are the dog breeds that have found to be very friendly and caring towards young children and family members.
The herding dogs chosen as pets by families having children are the affectionate dogs that have the energy to keep up with everyone in the family and take care to ensure everyone’s safety. They even baby-sit.

Dogs Good for Children Above 12 Years

A larger number of dog breeds get along well with older children (those above 12 years of age) and their families. The Herding Dogs, Retrievers, Irish Setter, Dalmatian, Border Collie, Cardigan Welsh Corgi, English Cocker Spaniel, Gordon Setter and Pembroke Welsh Corgi are some dog breeds that are very suitable as pets for households with older children. Children above 12 years needs to be with a playful, loving and protective companion and the dogs listed below are some of the breeds that possess the above qualities. As long as all children are at least 10 years old, the number of appropriate breeds becomes quite large, especially if the dog is purchased as a puppy, so he grows up with the children and any other pets in the family.

Dog Breeds NOT Recommended for Young Kids

A common mistake that parents often make while buying a pet dog for their children is that they go for cute looking, miniature dogs while not considering their breeds and temperaments. Some dogs have a particularly unfriendly nature. Schnauzers, Afghan Hound, Akita, Affenpinscher, Lhasa Apso, Pekingese, Puli, Shih Tzu, Basenji, Borzoi, Yorkshire Terrier, Chow Chow and Chesapeake Bay Retriever are some dog breeds that are not recommended for young kids. These dog breeds are sensitive and are not recommended if you have small children who may tease or be rough with them.

Words of Wisedom

Best dogs for families are the dogs that are happy and healthy. Never ask what is the best dogs for kids but what are the best kids for dogs? That question is easily answered with the education of kids, the one that would have the same love for dogs that you have and one will become a guardian such as yourself.

Next up

Now that your dog has a name, it has been fed and your children know how to be safe around yours.

Next time we will get your dog into a daily and sleeping routine which is naturally one of my favorite things to do

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  1. Rashaad

    Hello there. Thanks for sharing such a great post. I believe that many families struggle to find the right dog for their home. This really breaks it down and I like all of the reasons you give supporting your argument. Teaching your child is something that all parents should do before purchasing a dog!

  2. Nimrodngy

    I love dogs and I want to tell you that I have a Labrador is almost 5 years old. He is part of our family and for me there would be no family if he wasn’t.
    You have put in this article some very informative explanations and things that any person who has a dog as a pet should know. A great tip you have highlighted here is about sleeping dogs. I totally agree with you that we shouldn’t disturb a dog when he sleeps. This is also what i try to teach every day my boy who is only 3 years old and he is very energetic. Even though we love our dogs sometimes we don’t know what reaction they can have and that’s why an adult always has to be around.
    Thanks a lot for this post.

    1. Puccini Quaranta

      Hello Nim

      Thank you for the reply, I love to hear stories about how we make a difference in our guardian’s lives. Tania tells me every day how much of a difference I make in her life.

  3. Rodarrick

    Literally, this would go a long way when I’m educating my daughter against my dog. I’m planning to introduce my dog to the family now and I really hope it goes well. Most people like me lacks all these basic knowledge about dogs and that is the reason most dogs ends up being misinterpreted as being wicked or brutal. Thanks for sharing this with us

  4. Bai Asha

    While reading your post I know that the best dogs for families are the dogs that are happy and healthy. Nobody likes to be disturbed when sleeping and neither do dogs. Humans want to feel safe when they are sleeping and so do we. Do not touch a dog while he is sleeping. we might startle him, and he could react without thinking and snap at us. Thanks for sharing..

  5. John

    That was a really wonderful exposé on how to handle dogs. I learnt a lot reading through this.

    Most times people tend to believe that a dog is after all, just another animal, and can be treated with either affection or disdain. And this has caused some people more harm than good, because dogs have feelings like humans, and can truly react when they are treated unfavourably.

    Like you opined, it is not always about the best dogs for families, but the best families for dogs. It is time we learned to respect the individuality of dogs so we can get the best of their friendships. It helps to know that in the end, we can be happily involved in petting the dogs and they in turn can happily be involved that mutualism.

    Great article, great read. I really enjoyed going through this!

  6. Tasmia Ferdous

    I really appreciate this article.
    Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful article with us. Your article is helpful to me.

    I have a dog, the dog’s name is Tengu. After reading your post I clearly learned how to treat a dog. I will teach my children how to associate with Tengu. I think dogs also need space. After reading your post I understand how dogs like some kind of interaction. I’ll be aware of my tengue. And make my kids aware.

    I would like to say that I will share this post on social media. I hope pet lovers will benefit from this post.

    1. Puccini Quaranta

      Hello Tasmia

      Thank you for your comment, its good to hear that making a difference in the mindsets of people will help  others understand dogs more. Feel free to share my post on social media so we get the message out there and thank you for the offer. People can also follow me on Instagram: puccini_koekie ( I will tell you later why koekie)

      Thank you for the support


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