Top 10 precautions for your dog during Covid-19

Top 10 precautions for your dog during Covid-19

Hello, Guardians

I want to talk to you about what is happening in the world as we speak, the Coronavirus or Covid-19 as the official name states. The small invisible killer that is affecting the whole world. 

There are so many stories out there on this virus, some of them true and others as fake as the grass they sell on Amazon. I hope to answer some questions you might have during your time in quarantine. 

Can my dog get the Coronavirus? Can my dog infect me? How do I care for my dog when I am under quarantine? We will also look at some very important precautionary measures that you can take as a guardian to ensure your safety, those around you and your home, but first a Story.

Story: Living in Quarantine

As you know I live in Italy and it is one of the countries that is worst affected in the world by the Coronavirus. My Guardians have been in quarantine for almost a month now, and we have been settling in very nicely with our daily routine
A day looks like this: After breakfast, we take a quick walk outside not more than 200 m from the apartment block where we live, as there are restrictions now. No park, no lake and certain no long walks around the neighbourhood are allowed. Its best that way, this Virus must be contained and the only way to protect may Guardians is to stay at home. 
When we get back before entering the apartment, my paws and body are wiped with Paw wipes, which sanitises me. I can’t leave my shoes outside as Gianni and Tania does. They sanitise their hands by washing with soap and water and using lots of hand sanitiser. This gets repeated three times a day. 
We enter an apartment that is sanitised daily to keep this Virus out, now that we know neither of my guardians has the Coronavirus. It has been more than 28 days since we have been under quarantine, and we have not been in contact with anybody else.
Once a week Gianni makes a trip to the Supermarket, and when I need food, he also goes to the shop for animals and buys my special brand of dog food there.
The best thing about quarantine is that I get to spend all my time with my Guardians and there’s no waiting for them all day long, they don’t go out
Stay at Home! It’s the best way to protect yourself and your family. Just like us and my friend Zero at home with his Guardians. 

Can dogs contract the Coronavirus?

No, dogs cannot contract the Coronavirus, there is one case of a very mild form of the virus where a concerned guardian had their dog tested by a Vet in Asia, but the virus is not contagious to humans or any other animals. The World Health Organisation (WHO) announced that the Coronavirus is spread from human to human, and not animals to human or animals to animals

Guardians get infected by other humans who are in close contact via touching (germs on hands and clothing), nasal- and oral passages, such as saliva and touching one’s face, hugging, rubbing cheeks together, or shaking hands with those of others with unsterilised hands. There is also no evidence to suggest that dogs can get Coronavirus from people who have the virus. 

Preparing for Quarantine

It is important to include your pets in your family’s preparedness planning.

I have prepared a CoronaVirus Dog Tool kit below that would enable you to prepare for quarantine. 

If you are quarantined, you should make sure you have extra pet food on hand. And you should make your neighbours aware of any feeding, walking, or medications that your pets need in case you can’t make it back home or get hospitalised. 

 The most important protection of all: Under no circumstances should owners abandon their dogs, cats, or other pets because of COVID-19 fears. Please don’t abandon my brothers and sisters in fear that they might infect you with the Coronavirus they can help you get through the quarantine period.

An Urban Myth

Dogs do not need a face mask to protect themselves against the novel coronavirus. Placing a doggie- mask on the face of a dog can be more traumatising to the dog rather than protecting him. It causes a great deal of anxiety for us to have something interfering with our breathing and barking.

We need to lick our noses- and lips to keep it moist, drink water when we’re thirsty, and want to pant to cool off on hot days. Let’s face it, it gets hot under that mask and we don’t want anything coming between our breathing of fresh air, smelling grass, trees, flowers and smelling other intruders who have marked my space with their odours. 

I marked my territory and I want to keep it all to myself, so leave me be and leave the mask off my face.

If you are still concerned or notice a change in your dog, speak to a veterinarian.

Here are the Top 10 Precautions to take when caring with your best friend during the quarantine

Coronavirus Toolkit for Dogs

Just like you, your dog needs some extra special care during quarantine. Besides his food there are other things that he will need during this time, I have compiled a  toolkit of the top 5 products that would help you decide what to get. 

Be sure to check out the product reviews below and comparisons with other products.

Words of Wisedom

Every day may not be good but there is something good in every day. Remember happiness starts with a wet nose and ends with a tail. I don't know who said that but its true In the wise words of Gandhi, you will find the truth: “Its health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.” Stay safe you wonderful guardians your pet needs you.

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