Travelling with Puccini

Hello, Guardians

Puccini here,

This page is dedicated just for you and your wonderful pets that travel throughout the world.

Travel with Puccini

I am one of those traveling dogs; I have two very adventurous guardians that love to travel.
I live in Rome so need I say more about my travels in Rome itself; I have taken a bus, the train and even the underground.
The pictures below are when we visited Austria, where mom lives. We played in the snow, and although it was cold, I enjoyed staying with her. The other one is when we visited Ancona in Italy about a 3-hour drive from Rome where I live.
Watch this page for new travels and the stories about my travels.

Travel with your dog

This part of traveling with dogs is for all my brothers and sisters that travel with their guardians. Who visit all the wonderful sites of the world.

They took this picture of my friend Poldo at the Colosseum in Rome when he traveled to Rome with his Guardian.

This space is for the Guardians who would like to post the pics of their traveling dogs. To share the stories of their adventures. 

More Travel Information

Check out my future posts on traveling dogs. I give tips on how to travel with your dog, by car, by airplane, where to stay and many more.
It’s so much fun to travel with your furry friends and explore the world.

Words of Wisedom

In the words of Roger Caras "Dogs are not our whole lives but they make our lives whole.."

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  1. Thomas S.

    That’s a very cute dog.  Still wish I had my dog Radar.  He was a 9 year old German Shepard.  You have a map of everywhere Puccini has been?  That would be kind of cool.  Not sure about the travel restrictions on a plane in Europe, but in the U.S. they can kind of get crazy.  All sorts of paperwork and this and that.  Depends on the state you are flying to, so it can definitely be a hassle.  Hope you guys have many more years of traveling.  That is one lucky dog!

    1. Puccini Quaranta

      Hi Thomas, thanks for the comment. 

      A map of where I have been is a fantastic idea, I will certainly look into posting one. 

      There will be a future post on travelling with dogs, so look out for it. It will deal with travelling in general. 

      I’m sorry, you don’t have Radar anymore, but don’t you think its time to become a guardian again.

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