Who is Puccini ?
This is Puccini

Who is Puccini ?

Welcome to my website!

So you have taken the first step, or you are thinking of taking the first step in committing yourself to one of my brothers and sisters as a Guardian. Or have you been a Guardian for years but you are stuck and you need help.

Here on my website I will provide you with information on all the best pet care, show you new ways of caring for us and providing you information on the things we can’t tell you.

I will be the self-appointed voice of my dog friends and my website aims to have all the information you need to make us into happy and healthy dogs.

Everything you need at your finger-tips.

Who am I?

My name is Puccini Quaranta.

I live with my two guardians Gianni and Tania, both of them have been dog guardians for years but at times they also need help in caring for me. They have taken a commitment to care for me and am a very lucky dog in that they cover my daily routine to keep me healthy and happy, however, sometimes I need to project my mental communication to them, so they understand what I need.

Sometimes a bark or a little whinge will do the trick, but sometimes a little motivation like jumping on top of one of them, when they sleep, will get their attention. I must say that most of the time Tania understands me completely as I have known her since I was born.

I like taking long walks in the park and on the beach but hate getting wet. Another thing I love is playing hide-and-seek with Tania, hanging out with Gianni when he is watching football, but my favourite activity is eating, sleeping and watching the guardians go about their daily tasks, oh and socializing with the other dogs in the park. I hate the leach, it takes away my liberty and I bark my head off when they put it on me, but I know it is for my own safety.

I was born in South Africa but I now live in Italy. It was a real adjustment moving to Italy as my guardians did not know what the regulations were, where to find the right food, as there are so many brands on the market.

We changed from living in a house with a garden to an apartment on the second floor, the wide-open spaces of Africa to the City Life, even my microchip registration was a challenge, finding a Vet and keeping me safe from the everyday perils.

We will talk about all of those wonderful experiences and my travels to different places.

How can I help?

I have often thought that if I could only speak how easy it would be to just say to my guardians what I want or what I need and what would keep me healthy. If you are here, you might need information or help on all the best pet care your dog could get and that is what I am here for. The Voice of the Dog, I can write a song about that.

My voice helps you to understand what your dog is trying to tell you or where to find the things that they need.

What do we do here?

So you have a dog, what to do, what to buy and where to get the information that I need?

Is it a puppy or is your dog a more mature friend, what breed is it, because you know some of for us need special care. The important thing is that you are a guardian of a very special creature and although they might not be able to talk if you pay close attention you will understand what we need. We’re also gonna talk about Nutrition, by providing you with information on how to get all the best pet care for my friends.


They say a healthy dog is a happy dog

Yes, they say a healthy dog is a happy dog but its start with something free! Love, our love unconditional. We don’t care who you are or what you look like. If you love for us, we will love you back, no questions asked.

I hope you find what you are looking for. If you don’t find it, ask me a question in the page ask Puccini how below and I will certainly try to find the answer for you. Or below is little help from Amazon that might help.

All the best,



Words of Wisedom

In the words of the Orhan Pamuk "Dogs do speak,
but only to those who know how to listen." My Guardia Tania is the one that helps me speak
Tania Quaranta

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  1. Jenny Sleider

    This really helped me get into my pup’s thought process. Coming from Puccini’s point of view is really sweet. I know that this site will really help my daughter to understand what our dog is thinking and what our dog needs. Thank you so much for sharing! I think the different areas that you cover will be extremely helpful for my entire family! Thank you!

    1. Puccini Quaranta

      Hello Jenny

      Thank you for your comments, yes the site is there to help people to understand what a dog is thinking. Everybody in the family will benefit from it and understand as a kid develops a personality so does a dog. Puccini is a gentle soul but he has his quirks. When he has a leash on he barks at all the dogs but without a leash, he socialises with those same dogs.

      We will be posting many articles on how the family has an impact on a dog’s life.

      Regards Tania & Puccini

  2. Sharita

    Hello. Great information on dogs.  I personally have never been a dog lover, but I have been around a few in my life.  I like how you are talking from the dog’s perspective on your website. It gives it an entertaining type of feel.  How many dogs have you owned in your lifetime?  You must have owned a few to be so knowledgeable about the topic.  The website layout is good and easy to navigate.  Your dog looks really healthy and happy. Even though I don’t own a dog, it was very informative.  This website shows that dogs have a voice too, and it shows how they feel from their view.

    1. Puccini Quaranta

      Hello Sarita,  

      Thank you for your comments.

      Yes, I had my first dog at 6 years old and all of my dogs died of old age. Unfortunately, they are only given to us for a short while in a lifetime, that’s why I believe to make the most of the time I have with them. Puccini is very special as we have developed a very special bond and a way of communicating. When he looks at me I know exactly what he wants and I know immediately when he is not feeling well.  

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