Why does my dog lick his paws?

Why does my dog lick his paws?

Hello, Guardians

Somebody asked me this week why does my dog lick his paws? Is my dog ok? Should I be worried? Do I need to go to the vet?
I also lick my paws and I know why. Well, paw licking is quite a normal sight if you have dogs around. Occasionally you’ll find dogs licking excessively their paws. To them, there’s nothing wrong, it feels good as its relaxing.
Still, your dog is obsessed with licking its paws. This appears to be excessive or rather aggressive, then the dog might sound the alarm that he needs attention and that all is not well. You should take action immediately. As a dog owner, it is important for you to always be alert around your dog.
Why do dogs lick their paws? Are their reasons for this? Why are we talking about this?
When a dog looks at you, the dog is not thinking what kind of person you are, but it is showing you some love. It’s right that you should be worried about him.
To solve his problem is easy. By being always alert to identify the small things that happen around the world of your dog.

Story: Licking my paws

I hate being on my own. I spend my life waiting for Tania and Gianni to come home. So whilst Im waiting for my Guardians to arrive home, I spend my time waiting.., sleeping.. and licking my paws. I can get so bored!
Then sometimes we take lengthy walks with them. I love that because I get to do what I want. Play with Tania, Bark at other dogs, but only when I have a leach on. When I am free, I don’t care about anything else in life but hunting for lizards in the grass.
When we get home, I am exhausted, and my paws hurt. Licking my paws is the only thing that soothes them. When my guardians see it, they massage my paws with some sort of oil and that make them soft.. In summer I have a hard time with itchy skin as the dry heat makes my skin dry and with me being from Africa I have had to adapt to the warm dry summers in Rome. What Tania does is rub the oil that she puts on her hair on my skin and it stays hydrated and soft. I don’t shed fur at all.
I guess what I am saying is that my guardians takes care of me in whatever I need.

Why dogs lick their paws excessively?

Dogs need their paws to always be in shape to be able to take care of you. Below are some reasons why dogs lick their paws excessively. We discuss what you can do as a guardian to ensure that you are not missing out on signs of your dog needing attention. Following the right steps and measures to take care of your dog.

Here are top 8 ways to stop your dog from licking its paws

Before you can help your dog, it is important to figure out the reason behind all the licking. Below are a few reasons why dogs lick their paws and what you can actually do to solve the problem and whether you have to go to the vet.

1) Presence of Ticks and Fleas

Ticks and flea infestation can be quite a big problem to your dog as well a guardian. Not only are some dogs allergic to ticks and fleas. The irritation caused by the tick cause them to lick, itch and scratch itself or even bite the infested area. So how do you take care of this situation? Your dog will need a bath with a special formulated tick and flea shampoo, a tick and flea collar or a more intense tick treatment you can buy at the vet. For your home you will need a vacuum cleaner to fight this cause. Sometimes ticks and fleas may hide in soft places such as rugs, mats, soft furnishing in your home. So it is always a good idea to keep your home clean and vacuumed at all times. And if the dog seems to have too much of the pests, it is advisable to seek your vets advice.

2) Injury

When a dog is injured, and he ends up licking its paws, this is one sign that you can easily miss. There could be a foreign object in the paws of the dog or simply a fracture or broken leg. The dog's very first instinct is to lick the paw as it gives it a soothing and more comforting feeling. If you see your dog in serous pain or you see some blood, immediately seek out your vet's help.

3) Allergies

Dogs can be allergic to many substances that, as a guardian, it may be very difficult to identify the exact cause of the allergy. These dog allergies may be caused by food, plants, cleaning products, and pesticides among others. When exposed, consult your vet if things get out of hand.

4) Itchy Skin

A dog’s skin can become extremely itchy, resulting to the dog licking its paws as a great sign of discomfort. So, how do you take care of this? Let’s say you have come from a walk with your dog and notice that it is excessively licking its paws, you can pour some luke warm water on the paw to remove any signs of environmental allergens that may be present. You can also reduce the amount of cleaning products that you use, or change products until you find the one that suites your dog.

5) Hormonal

Now just like humans, your canine friends also get hormonal imbalances. How surprising is that? I know. They may produce too much (hyper) or too little (hypo) of the thyroid hormones in their system, leading to lose of hair, exposing off their skin, ending up licking in hopes of getting healed and if this happens excessively, it can lead to wounds. In this case take your dog to the vet.

6) Dry Skin

Having a dry skin isn't always good news we all know that, even dogs too. This may be as a result of over bathing or over-cleaning the dog, rubbing off the dog of its natural oil, leading to the dog developing licking habits. The only way to treat this is to reduce the amount of cleaning products used on the dog and treat his skin. Its always advisable to use products that is dog friendly.

7) Boredom

We all get anxious and bored, so do our dogs. Imagine being stuck in the house for more than 24 hours without engaging your mind to anything. What happens next? You become anxious or agitated You start to find things to do no matter how small these activities may be. If a dog is bored and has got nothing to do, the first place it will go is its paws to keep itself busy.

7) Grooming its coat

It is very easy to notice this grooming behaviour in dogs as they would lick each of their paws, this may be as a result of coming back from a walk. As mentioned above, spray or pour some water after walks on the dog's paws

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How to solve the problem for good

The cause of your dog’s irritation may have been something simple like a bite from an insect. But his chewing and licking may have worsened the area.
As a guardian, look for these signs and constantly stop your dog from licking or biting its paws by finding a remedy.
Guardians might understand paw licking and how to treat it. You need to understand do the following:

Paw licking Toolkit for Dogs

When you dog excessively licks his paws you will need to get some products that will help your dog.  I have compiled a  toolkit of the top 5 products that would help you decide what to get. 
Be sure to check out the product reviews below and comparisons with other products.

Its in the body language


Dogs licking paws isn’t as simple as we thinkright? There are quite many reasons on why your dog may lick his paws.
It may be simply grooming itself or an underlying issue.
Now, if you are worried about your dog’s paw licking, try to identify the reason your dog is licking its paws.
Remember, knowing the reason is the first step in solving the situation. Observe your dog not to miss out on any signs that could help you solve the paw licking problem. In short, what is his body language.
If you have exhausted all your resources and this paw-licking behavior is still there. Consult a vet for further guidelines on how to deal with the paw-licking situation.
Remember to always give your best friend enough exercise, enough play, plenty of love and most of all, spend lots of time with him

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“The whole world can't lick us, but we can lick ourselves by longing too hard for things we haven't got any more - and by remembering too much.” ― Margaret Mitchell, Gone with the Wind

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